We support all kind of fiber optics support and electrical work for telecommunication sector. The product are also available for us for any kind of underground work
AAE emerged in August 2006 as a private company, with an aim in extending superior and world class engineering & technical support services and solution with the convergence of knowledge, expertise & proficiency. The company has highly skilled telecommunication professionals in its steering team. Our pool of high-tech consultants promises to ensure superior services in the field of telecommunication.

The main scope of work of AAE is to pursue all prospective assignments in fiber optic setups and any form of infrastructure building. These involve drum tests, splicing, and maintenance work (Preventive & Corrective) for starters. There are no restrictions in the size of the assignment(s). AAE is prepared with all the necessary equipment and team(s).

The main objective of AAE is to deliver top quality fiber infrastructure on a timely basis as per the stipulated schedules provided to them through contracts/work orders.
Our Services

Fiber Projects:                                                           

Route Survey & feasibility Report.  
Network Implementation Design.  
Trenching, Duct Laying & Fiber Blowing.  
Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)  
Duct Integrity Test (DIT)  
Splicing, Termination, Link Budget & Link Testing.  
Test Report.  
Handover Report.  
Documentation Preparation.  
Fiber Related tools Supply.  
Fiber Accessories Supply.  
Fiber optic Cable, Kits Maintenance related accessories Supply. 
Fiber Projects Maintenance:
Route Patrolling  
Preventive Maintenance  
Breakdown Maintenance  
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