We are mainly supporting with the major technical maintenance support and supply of aircraft parts, Ground Support Equipment and in-flight items to the National Flag carrier
Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Bangladesh Air force and Army Aviation. In addition, we have been doing business with some Government & Semi government organization.
Our Products & Services:
Our main service is to supply all type of Aircraft Parts and Ground Support Equipment to Airlines Authority. We also provide major technical maintenance support for Aircraft and supply in-flight items. Especially we work with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Bangladesh Air force and Army Aviation.
Available product for sale:
Aircraft Spare Parts
Repair/overhaul of component aircraft parts.
All type of Ground Support Equipment
Chemical / lubricants
In-flight items
Different type of tools

Our Client:

Biman, Bangladesh Airlines
Bangladesh Air force
Army Aviation
Bangladesh Flying Academy
Best Aviation
Royal Bengal Airlines
Untied Airlines
Aviana Airlines
Air Parabat
MAF Airlines
Young gone Airways
Voyager Airways
Zoom Aero Technologies
Century Aviation
GMG Airlines
Our Resources
Our people:
Lot of qualified trained and experienced Marketing professionals are working in our company in different sector. Our people are well-educated entrepreneur but gifted with the talent and business accumbency having very widely connected in the Government. Our company also having dozens of very efficient and technically sound professional blended with direct co-operation from the Airlines and Air force as well as Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.
International Business Network:
We are doing business with USA, UK, Singapore China, India based company, we working as their local agent in Bangladesh and they are participating different type of local and international tender through us.
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