Bangla Broadband started its journey with the intention of becoming a pioneer as an Outsourcing providers, Brand Marketing, and Sales specifically in the Telecom sector in
Bangladesh. Our mission is to "Achieve excellence through quality by Tele Communication and modern technology."
Now Bangla Broadband Ltd is also franchise of Airtel (formerly Warid) Telecom International Ltd in Bangladesh. Moreover, our vision is "Improve lives of our customers and prospect through using Tele Communication and modern technology."

Our Services:
Bangla Broadband Ltd provides the following services:
Customized voice solution.
Mobile SIM, Scratch Card, ERS(EZZE Load)
IR Services: International Roaming.
Email Solution.

Our Products :

Airtel Prepaid SIM (Warid)
Airtel Post Paid SIM (Warid)
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