In 1965: Graphics Limited has established in 1965 mainly dealing with printing machineries and related accessories.
In 1977: Two collaborates of Graphics Limited has divided their company and named Graphics Communication. GCL concentrated in the Telecommunication and Navigational AP sector.
In 1993: Mr. Ahsan established New Generation Graphics Limited (NGGL) to concentrated business in the aviation sector.
In 1994: Established Avia support Limited (ASL) to concentrate on the Military Aviation
In 1998: Diversification to banking sector for security and confidential printing - established Secura Bangladesh Limited (SBL)
In 1998: Secura Bangladesh expanded its business in this sector and established Secura Systems Limited (SSL).
In 1999: Established Hotel Support Company limited (HSCL) as diversified to Hospitality sector.
In 2002: Push the business in IT sector specially Banking related Hardware & Software and established Electronic Security solution Limited (ESSL).
In 2003: Our Company has expanded IT business in ISP/ TELCO/ WIMAX and established Alap Communication.
In 2003: Diversified to Garments Sector and established Saffron Fashion – Garments Buying House.
In 2006: Our Company has established Garments Buying House RS Faison.
In 2006: Started work as third party in Telecommunication Network, Infrastructure Development, and Fiber Optics etc and established AAE.
IN 2008 : all the business concerns came under the NGGL Group umbrella and operate their business as individual entities.
In 2008: New Generation Graphics Limited changed its name, as Next Generation Graphics Limited, but all their activities remain same.
In 2011: NGGL Energy Ltd is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of biomass power stations or dual fired Biomass/Coal based power stations. NGGL Engineering possesses highly specialized experience and expertise in the Aviation and Fuel engineering services field. Our expertise areas are:
  Aviation of Fuel System
Erection, Repair, Capacity Expansion and Calibration of Storage Tank
Renewable (Solar) Energy
LPG Bottling Plant
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