Secura Bangladesh Limited initiated its journey in 1998. Secura Bangladesh Limited (SBL) was established as a Joint Venture Company as the futuristic guide to the world of superb MICR Compliance Security & Confidential Instruments Printer and supplier in Bangladesh for quite sometime as the strategic partner to the renowned Secura Singapore Pte Ltd.

Secura Bangladesh Ltd. is implementing and maintaining a modern standard highly secured & confidential printing plant at Volta, Narayanganj in joint collaboration with Secura Singapore Pte Ltd. It is the most sophisticated security orienting plant of International standard and the first and only one of its kind in Bangladesh. The plant initiated its operation in the first quarter of 2009. Secura Singapore Pte Ltd has provided all technical knowledge expertise and support to comply with the international standards for all Security printing aspect and requirements.

Secura Bangladesh Ltd is equipped with the latest Pre-press, Press and Post-press machinery for high value security documents. The security printing Press also has in-house laboratory to ensure the quality, conformance to high printing standards to guarantee quality, reliability, confidentiality of security features of the products.

The range of capabilities of the Secura Bangladesh Ltd is to the extent of printing & Supplying of Bank’s cheque & various Security stationeries. To ensure proper security, the Unit has been provided with security cover with full time surveillance. Factory is equipped with latest security gadgets including 24 hour CCTV recording system, Access Control Systems, fire alarm systems, Dehumidifier system, fireproof vault etc.

Secura Bangladesh Ltd is also equipped with in-house R&D set-up for product and process improvements, which is an on-going effort to ensure betterment of infrastructure.

Aim & Mission
The main objective of Secura Bangladesh Ltd is to printing & supplying of security items having fool-proof security features as per the requirement of customers and the prescribed International Standards that Banks conform to globally.


Secura Bangladesh Ltd is not only a “Sales Based Organization” but is also providing after sales service and training to the customers to avert Forgery and Counterfeiting in the market. 

SECURA is ready to accept challenges and meet the target of the country’s requirements of security products in the 21st century. Meeting up the local requirements SECURA is looking for opportunities in the overseas market where they can apply their knowledge expertise and goodwill. Cambodia is one of the target areas where SECURA has started his operations related to Basic cheque supply and customization process.  

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