Secura Systems Limited is focused on supplying Software and Machineries related to Bank, i.e. Automated Clearing House, Scanning Machine, Server, Note counting machine, note sorting, Note banding machines, shredding machines, etc.
This company is promoting software and hardware jointly with Insite MY - Malaysia and Glory FSN - Japan for the Bangladesh bank Automatic Clearing House, ACH Project.
Our Products & Services
Automated Clearing House Solution

ACH Hardware Solutions from GLORY FSM Ltd. Japa
Fuji FB8 Reader, Scanner & Endorser  
Fuji FB20 Reader, Scanner & Endorser
Fuji FZ4103 Reader & Endorser Module
Fuji FZ6090 Scanner Module
Fuji FZ3062 Four Pockets Shorter Module
ACH Software Solution from Insite MY Systems Sdn Bhd. Malaysia  
INCHEQS Inward Clearing System (ICS)  
Signature Verification System (SVS) Software  
INCHEQS Outward Clearing System (OCS)  
IQA Module  
Disaster Recovery Software and Services  
INCHEQS Electronic Fund Transfer Network (EFTN) Module  
Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Luna PCI 3000  
Money Counting Machine  
Note Binding Machine  
Fake Notes Detector Machine  
MICR Reader  
Notes Sorting Machine  
Paper Shredder Machine  
Our Clients  
Standard Chartered Bank  
HSBC - The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.  

Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd.


BRAC Bank Ltd.


First Security Bank Ltd.


The City Bank Ltd.


Eastern Bank Ltd.


Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.


Mutual Trust Bank Limited.


City Cell - Pacific Telecom Bangladesh Ltd.


AKTEL Cellular Phone Company


US Embassy in Bangladesh

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